I have been an admirer and a fan of Walter's work for as long as I can remember collecting comics so, understandably, I was a little unsure about what to expect when he agreed to be our feature interview for this, our third issue of Meanwhile.... Interviewing one of your absolute favourite creators almost right out of the gate can be a little daunting but, to his credit, I have to say that Walt was very friendly, accessible and easy to talk to.

I had a lot of fun talking shop with Walt, chatting him up about his new Multiverse series with Michael Moorcock and Helix, his time in the Heroes Reborn Universe, and his motley band of Star Slammers. He is a master storyteller and a consummate professional (as he should be, he's been doing this comics gig for as long as I've been drawing breath) and although he has a tremendous body of superb work behind him, I believe that his best work still lies somewhere far off in the distance.