Lego Jack Stone...Jack Stone to the rescue

Jack Stone, Lego

The arm of the law is defended by the official hero, Lego's Jack Stone who'se motto is "Can do... Will do...Done!" Whatever the situation, you can be assured that Lego Jack Stone and his team will race to action fighting crime or fires in the Lego neighbourhood.

Lego Jack Stone series includes the police station tower, a solid cell for holding prisoners, police cruisers equipped with flashing lights and wailing sirens and three police officers and the bad guy, who robs the bank and races away in his getaway racecar followed closely by the police helicopter.

Lego Jack Stone also faces danger in fighting fires in his community. Backed by the fire attack team and the heavily equipped fire response vehicles Lego Jack Stone mans the firehose and rides the fire truck's emergency ladder to reach the burning flames and extinguish them.

The firefighting team includes a captain's fire cruiser, a fully functional fire response SUV, the fire attack team and a fire truck with raising ladder and heavy duty winch.

Join the anticrime action today and get the Lego Jack Stone community hero kits that entertain your youngsters four years of age and older.