David Fury is no stranger to the Whedonverse having been there almost since the beginning. Originally stepping in at the end of Season 2 with the episode "Go Fish" - which he co-wrote with his wife, Elin Hampton - David stuck around contributing scripts until Joss brought him on full-time in Season 4 as a Staff Writer/Producer. He stayed with the show for the next few years managing to make his mark not only as a writer for Buffy but also as a Co-Executive Producer (2001-2003) and an actor as well (his most notable performance being the Mustard Man in Season 6's "Once More With Feeling").

It was in Buffy's fourth year that David unofficially moved 'next door' to write two episodes for Angel's first season. The next few years were spent splitting his writing chores between Sunnydale and LA until finally coming on board, full-time, in Angel's last season and his appointment as Co-Executive Producer there. Although his heart never truly left Sunnydale, David brought a strong voice to Angel and the mean streets of LA, contributing many memorable stories before its surprising demise in the summer of 2004.

Since leaving the Whedonverse, David has written several scripts for the first season of JJ Abrams' and Damon Lindelof's hit series, Lost, and also spent some time assisting fellow Angel scribe Tim Minear to put some polish on his now-cancelled show, The Inside. His most current work can be found on the upcoming fifth season of FOX's 24, premiering January 15th, 2006.

David spoke candidly with me about his feelings on the ending of Buffy, working with Joss Whedon, some of the behind-the-scenes rumours, supposed feuds and plans for what would have been the sixth, and likely most challenging, season of Angel...