People even now think that Comic strips are actually for ones kids and so Comics Collecting is suited to the immature adoloscents. These individuals happen to be completely wrong. If collecting anything at all happens to be an art form, same goes with Comics Collecting and it really is high time men and women accept it as well. Comic strips are not only for the children what more and more comic strips have been proving over and over again. They're comparable to Booker Prize winning literature yet just like one can find poor cousins of all things on the planet, similarly there are great comic strips as well as terrible comic strips.




In May of 2003, UPN aired the final episode of the series' 7 year run, followed a year later by its companion comic book series (and respective mini-series) from Dark Horse Comics. This Post Mortem looks at the literal death of Buffy in two mediums through a handful of interviews with writers and artists -past and present - celebrating the show's creative vision.


A brand-spanking new interview with writer of television, comic books and film - Brett Matthews. Brett and I discuss his new Dark Horse mini-series, Serenity (a prequel for the upcoming Universal film of the same name) as well his past work in the DHC corner of the Whedonverse.


This is a 1997 interview Mike conducted with comics legend, Walter Simonson, which originally appeared in Meanwhile... #3. Walt's project at the time was the fantastic 12 issue maxi-series Michael Moorcock's Multiverse -which we discuss at length - as well as a back-up series in the then ongoing, Jack Kirby's Fourth World. We also talked quite a bit about his past works.